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Greek Text
All Greek text on this site is keyed with Unicode. If the text is not formatted in your browser correctly, adjust your encoding to Unicode. You will need to have the Palatino Linotype font installed on your system which is standard for Windows 2000 and subsequent operating systems. However any Greek Unicode font should work.
Greek Transliteration
See here for protocols used in Greek transliteration.
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The image used in the top banner on this site is a detail of the painting by Gustav Moreau entitled, The Suitors. If you would like to download the entire painting please click here. Please be warned however that this is a relatively large image file of 2.8 MB. Enjoy.
All links on this site are to other pages on this domain unless stated otherwise.
I have a strict policy to only use materials that are either:
  • Public domain material available on the internet
  • Electronic versions produced by myself from public domain material
  • Small quotations from works that constitute "fair use" for educational purposes
  • Used with the express written (and acknowledged) permission of the copyright holder or producer of the electronic version.
If you find anything on this site that you claim to be the copyright holder of please notify me and I will immediately remove it. Likewise, please do not use any electronic texts produced by myself without asking first.
On the epithet "divine"
I have taken the liberty of describing Iamblichus with the epithet "divine" throughout this site. I have done this out of respect for his life, writings and influence and to follow the example of the ancients, to whom Pythagoras, Plato and Iamblichus were the few honoured with this title. It is interesting also to note that the epithet s๔ter (saviour) was also given to Iamblichus, an honour he shares with the god Dionysus and Christ.