The Divine Iamblichus - On the Mysteries

"This admirable book contains many of the greatest arcana, of the ancient theology, respecting gods and daemons, their cultivation and commerce, and the conjunction of the soul with divinity. It fully solves all doubts concerning the impassivity of a divine nature; demonstrates its omnipresence, and never-failing energy; shews that we are continually surrounded with its light; and that all the divinities subsist in indivisible union and indissoluble consent."

From, Thomas Taylor. "The History of the Restoration of the Platonic Theology." TTS VII, pg, 227.

Online Versions

On the Mysteries translated by Thomas Taylor is available here for the first time online.

Iamblichi Chalcidensis ex Coele-Syria, De mysteriis liber. Thomas Gale's 1678 editio princeps of the Greek Text with his Latin translation is available in a facsimile electronic edition here for the first time. This was the first ever printing of the Greek text which had hitherto circulated since composition in manuscript form only. Thomas Taylor used this edition for his translation and Gale's was the only edition of the Greek until Parthey's defective text of 1857.

Other Links

Theurgia or On the Mysteries of Egypt trans. Alexander Wilder (Offsite Link) Available at Joseph H. Peterson's astonishingly comprehensive Twilight Grotto. (Offsite Link)

Detailed analysis and summary of the the text. (Offsite Link) Stephen Ronan's extremely useful summary which links the doubts of Porphyry to the divine Iamblichus' masterful replies. It would be most profitable to study this summary before tackling the often rambling text of the source material.

In Print

On the Mysteries translated by Clarke, Dillon and Hershbell. (Brill and SBL) The first modern English translation along with the standard critical edition of the Greek text as established by Edouard Des Places. This translation is remarkable for its clarity, precision and the translators' sensitivity to the Iamblichean worldview. As one reviewer remarked, this translation "will certainly remain the standard and authoritative edition for years to come... Every student of late antiquity will want to have this significant volume in her or his library." This volume is easily worth "all the gold in Lydia." 

Secondary Material Online

Secondary Material In Print

Theurgy and the Soul by Gregory Shaw. (Pennsylvania State University Press) This astonishingly lucid work is easily the most important work on Iamblichean Theurgy ever written. Professor Shaw handles the material deftly and with a rare sympathy giving the reader an insight into the scope, beauty and intrinsic value of the Iamblichean worldview. He highlights the divine Iamblichus' departure from the growing trend in some later Platonic circles of an almost gnostic contempt for embodiment. In short I can not recommend this work highly enough. Every page is a total joy.