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HECATE:   "O, art thou come? What news, what news?"

Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 5.

6st November 2013: Added PDF scans of Goodwin and Preisendanz. Added page on the PGM rite for evocation of ones guardian daimon.

1st July 2013: Back after a six year hiatus

27th August 2006: Put up a photo of the title page of my copy of the first edition of Thomas Taylor's translation of  On the Mysteries .

19th March 2006: Have finally completed the Mithras Liturgy version in Greek and English. Added some keywords to the front page.

16th March 2006: Cleaned up the Proclus page. Added Marinus' Life of Proclus in the Guthrey translation.

12th March 2006: The facsimile of Gale's editio princeps has been cleaned up and now has more content.

5th February 2006: The Greek text and transliteration of the extant hymns of Proclus is now up.

20th January 2006: The Greek text of the Oracles with transliteration is finally up! Also the search page has been added and now works.

19th January 2006: The facsimile of Gale's editio princeps of the Greek text of De Mysteriis is now up with some content.

11th January 2006: The complete text of Kroll's De Oraculis Chaldaicis is now up.

20th December 2005: The complete text of Thomas Taylor's translation of  On the Mysteries is now up. Still in need of proofing, especially the Greek text.

15th December 2005: Added the Portable Oracles page.  Put a new image of the divine Iamblichus on the relevant page. More of Thomas Taylor's translation of  On the Mysteries has been edited and uploaded. Now up to the end of Book IV.

14th December 2005: Added Thomas Taylor's translation of  On the Mysteries which is now edited and uploaded to Book III.

8th December 2005: Added some new material to the rites part of the Praxis page.

7th December 2005: Added a new page on The Mithras Liturgy. Updated the History of the Chaldaick Philosophy  page. Added more information to the index page. Added more headings to work on for the Praxis page.

26th November 2005: Added the English translation of Thomas Stanley and Latin translation of Francesco Patrizi.  which I believe is the first time the Latin translation has been made available online.

23rd October 2005: Added an Orphic Hymns page. Updated History of the Chaldaick Philosophy . Added notes on Greek transliteration.

12th October 2005: Thomas Stanley's History of the Chaldaick Philosophy page is up with full contents and some content and images.

10th October 2005: Site up!